Dan Neary first picked up a guitar at the age of 11.  After being shown the first few chords of ‘“Smoke on the Water” by his father, he never looked back. 

 Dan is an American guitarist, born and raised in Edison, NJ. At 28 years old, He’s a seasoned player; having performed on stages for over 10 years.  One Dan's greatest joys is performing onstage and working with other musicians. His hard and heavy approach on guitar helps him excel in blaring solos and a heavy, crunching rhythm.  Some important influences of his include Van Halen, Skid Row, Guns N Roses and Kiss.  

By age 17, Dan had begun playing out in local original rock bands. However, he really began to hone his skills on stage in his 20’s. He formed and managed his first cover band 'DERAILER' and played extensively with frontman Shawn Mars (Formerly of Skid Row/Ozone Monday and Mars Needs Women. Dan started playing with pro New Jersey cover bands such as Hold on Tight, Whiskey Fueled, Late Night Alibi, Tragic Remedy and more. “When I turned 21, I began playing with multiple cover acts. It really helped define myself as a player. Being able to switch from a Hard Rock tune to a current Top 40 pop song can really help you mature you as a guitarist.” 
Brought up on by 70’s and 80’s hard rock, Dan developed an early appreciation for music and live performances. “Live music is my passion. I go out and see concerts every chance I get. My first concert was KISS, and it blew my mind. Watching bands, witnessing what other people can create, and seeing how they bring their vision to life really intrigues me. Early Van Halen and Kiss defined ‘rock show’ for me.” 

Dan uses Gibson Les Pauls primarily, although he owns a wide variety of guitars. Notable players that influence him include Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Nick Perri and Kenny Dubman. “ I love watching other guitar players perform.  Guitarists with passion and soul ALWAYS influence me the most.” 

Dan has written and performed original music with the Rock band 'Audio Empire' When asked about Audio Empire, he says  “I love pushing my limits and being able to use my creative side. Performing and writing music is such a rewarding experience for me. I always give it my all." 

Dan is a member of the East Coast cover act 'The Event Horizon'' performing at some of the Top Clubs in NJ, NY, PA, DE, CT, MD, FL and WV, as well as weddings, and both corporate and private events. The Event Horizon is quickly becoming one of the biggest cover acts in the Tri State area. They perform to hundreds and sometimes thousands of people a night and they play over 200 gigs a year.


Dan also performs in the Acoustic/Electric act 'Jake & Dan



Dan has had the opportunity to open for:  
- King's X at the Stone Pony

- Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel

- Judas Priestess  

- Eric Martin (singer of Mr. Big) 

- Spacehog


Dan has been featured at:

- House Band for the NJTC (New Jersey Technology Council) Awards Ceremony, Princeton Hyatt   

- 89.9 FM - Rutgers Radio 'Oh the Shenanigans' Program

- School of Rock Talent Showcase in 2011 and 2012 with Absolute Music - Hazlet, NJ

- Making Music Matter for Kids w/ Lance Miley's Rock School  - Clarks Summit, PA



Dan has had the pleasure of performing/playing/recording and working with the following acts: 

Mars Needs Women

The Event Horizon 

Audio Empire 

Whiskey Fueled 

Hold on Tight 

Almost Easy  

Shawn Mars (Skid Row/Ozone Monday/Mars Needs Women)   

Russell Arcara   (Prophet/Edgar Cayce/Surgin)   

Scott Metaxas     (Prophet/Edgar Cayce/Nuclear Assault)  

Casey Schuber     (American Idol)   

Kelly Caruso        (American Idol) 

Charlie Mills         (Skid Row)   

John Ace Albino     (Absolute Music/Pretenders/Dreamer)   

Joe Demaio         (Shorefire Recording/Faith Healer)   

Joe Gorgolione       (Three Crosses)

Jim Pepe                 (Reagan Youth/Diesel)


Jacob Daniels 

Jake & Dan 


Late Night Alibi 

Till Now 

Tragic Remedy 


Shannon Smith 


Road to Ruin 

TNT (AC/DC Tribute)